Features of Our School

International Education

TKHC is the only school in Hong Kong which will offer both the British curricula (IGCSE & GCE A-Level) and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). Teaching in accordance with their aptitudes will help cultivate students with different academic backgrounds and skills. In addition, we will provide students with opportunities to actively interact with schools in various countries, such as Global Sister School Programme, so that they can learn and grow by making good use of this authentic international platform.

Multilingual Education

We are committed to cultivating students to enable them to become leaders with both virtues and talents. While facilitating students to pursuit academic excellence and acquire necessary skills, we also focus on the education of language and communication skills. In view of this, we actively promote multilingual education and continue the efficient language policy that has been implemented in the primary schools of St. Hilary’s in order to provide students with a quality language-learning environment. Our main medium of instruction is English, while classes of Chinese Language and Chinese History are conducted in Putonghua with the use of Traditional Chinese. It is important for students to be proficient in their first language, English and Putonghua. Meanwhile, they should master at least one more Eurasian language. Therefore, we offer language courses for students to learn Spanish, French and Japanese to achieve the “triliterate and multilingual”learning goal and to allow students to get adapted to the environment and succeed with confidence regardless of where they develop in the future.

Character Education

“Based on Virtue, In Pursuit of Excellence” is our motto. It is also our way of learning. In order to put the motto into practice, we have rigorously designed a unique curriculum for character education which integrates the essence of three quality frameworks. “The Learning Goals of International Education”, “The 12 Core Traits Character Strengths Developed by TKHC” and “Extended Framework of Multiple Intelligences” (KW CHAN, ‘The Importance of Cultural and Moral Intelligence for Nurturing our Young Generation’ in Gifted Gateway, The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education, June, 2020) are adopted. This is to prepare our students to become global citizens with both virtues and talents in the 21st century.

Entrepreneurial Education

In 2017, The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) published an education report about what learners need to prepare for the future. It clearly states that entrepreneurial education is a must for this century and learners must be equipped with the relevant knowledge and skills. With our core values “Excellence, Leadership, and Service”, entrepreneurial education will be offered to enable students to communicate with leaders and successful people to make the best preparation for their better future by implementing our unique “SCALE” Programme and organizing learning activities such as “Shadow a CEO” and “Successful Leader Dialogue Series”.

Innovation and Technology Education

Technology literacy is one of the indispensable skills for all learners in the 21st century. To facilitate students’learning and to allow them to apply technology to our daily life, we specially set up iGenius Lab (a well-equipped laboratory where students’ learning take place, e.g. conducting scientific research, implementing innovative ideas and doing experiments) and an ecological science garden. Furthermore, we are also planning to collaborate with international and regional institutions to introduce Artificial Intelligence (AI) courses to our students so as to actively promote the development of innovation and technology of TKHC and to enable students to acquire relevant knowledge and skills through experimental learning.