Welcoming Message from Principal

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Tai Kwong Hilary College (TKHC). Our team is dedicated to building a professional and vibrant learning community where students are empowered to show their strong leadership, demonstrate a commitment to excellence and serve our society with passion. We are also determined to nurture students to enable them to become open-minded and knowledgeable leaders with good character, innovative mindset and international-mindedness. Competent teachers from all over the world have joined our team to accomplish the mission. We are going to share the same philosophy of education and participate in school work together actively.

TKHC adheres to the motto “Based on Virtue, In Pursuit of Excellence”, hoping to provide students with quality academic and character education. Our main medium of instruction is English. Foreign language subjects such as Spanish, French and Japanese will be offered while classes of Chinese Language and Chinese History will be conducted in Putonghua with the use of Traditional Chinese. A total of 6 years of secondary education consists of 3 key stages. Students of Grades 7 to 8 will study the foundation course for international education while IGCSE programme will be offered to students of Grades 9 and 10 who are required to sit for the relevant examination and they will choose between IBDP or GCE A-Level programme for Grades 11 to 12 and take the relevant examination. This prepares our graduates with internationally recognized academic qualifications for gaining places at universities around the world according to their interests and aspirations.

In addition to pursuing academic excellence, providing students with holistic education is another important target of ours. To cope with the development of future, TKHC offers entrepreneurial education as well as innovation and technology education to students. With our core values “Excellence, Leadership, and Service”, we implement our school-based unique “SCALE” Programme to enable students to acquire the related knowledge and skills. Furthermore, we are going to actively promote the development of innovation and technology and to develop students’ technology literacy by specially setting up iGenius Lab and an ecological science garden. Meanwhile, we have devoted ourselves to designing unique character education for taking good care of students’personal growth and cultivating future leaders with virtues and talents. Lastly, we will form sister school partnerships with schools in the United States, the UK, Canada and Australia and carry out regular exchange programmes in order to develop students’international-mindedness.

I look forward to creating a safe and harmonious learning environment to facilitate the growth of the next generation to allow them to become global leaders and citizens who will succeed in the 21st century.

We lead the future with passion. Welcome to join us as a part of TKHC and build a better future for our next generation together!

Yours Faithfully,



Principal Designate